How To Tie A Bow Tie

September 18, 2022

How To Tie A Bow Tie

Hello friends, let's learn how to tie a bow tie. I love the look of a self tied bow tie, it adds a unique, classy and elegant touch to your suit game.

Follow the pictures and corresponding instructions, take your time and try, try again until its just right! 

1) Flip that collar up and then lay the straps of the bow tie around your neck, with one end hanging lower by about 2 inches

2) Cross the longer strap over the shorter strap and then wrap it from behind and through the gap between the bowtie and your neck

3) Take the shorter end and fold it over and then pull the wider side over the folded side of the bow tie

4) Wrap it around the gap between your neck and bow tie, careful not to pull it tight just yet! Create a loop in the front and pass the bow tie through this loop

5) Now its time to tighten the bow tie and make any slight adjustments so that both sides are even

6) Now go out and strut your stuff but be sure to give yourself extra time to be stopped and complimented all night long

And there you have it friends, a skill that anyone can learn and pass on. Now go be the rockstar or diva that you are!