Black Bow Tie And Suspenders Infant - Adult Sizes

Formal, elegant, and chalked full of good looks. This black and white tiny polka dot bow tie and black suspenders are a show stopper.

Well, they won't stop the show but you'll look great sitting there! If it's a wedding to attend, ring bearer to dress up, birthday party to rock, cake smash to smash, or family photo to take, be sure your little man is dressed to impress. I recommend setting aside extra time to be stopped and complimented often.

What you need to know:

The Suspenders:
Have 3 clips that are 3/4" wide and fit snugly on the child's pants. They feature adjustable sliders to adjust the length of the suspenders.

The Bow Tie:
1) CLIP-ON: Easy to put on and take off and great for those extra wiggly little ones.
2) ELASTIC STRAP: Made with high quality, stretchy elastic. Can be adjusted up or down easily for a comfortable fit. Fastens securely and is made with comfort and ease in mind.
3) COTTON STRAP: Made with the same high-quality fabric as the bow tie and is soft and gentle against the skin. Features Velcro fasteners and is a snap to put on and adjusting the size is a breeze.




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